Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan option is available for all of our fuel oil delivery or propane delivery customers. This payment plan allows you to evenly and conveniently spread your annual fuel payments throughout the year rather than paying for your entire yearly oil or propane supply in a few, concentrated months. A Blouin Bros. Oil Budget Plan will add predictability to your heating bills and can make purchasing your fuel oil or propane much more manageable.

Pre-Buy Plan

Purchase your annual supply of heating oil or propane at a low rate each year before the heating season begins. Enrolling in our Pre-Buy Plan will allow you to take advantage of low-priced heating oil and propane before fuel prices become more volatile throughout the fall and winter. Ordering your fuel at what is almost always a discounted price per gallon before the heating season can not only help you save on annual fuel costs, but it can also give you greater peace of mind that you will only need to order fuel once a year!